About Kate

The way that I work with clients is called '[Emotionally Focused Therapy]'.  This approach was developed by [Dr Sue Johnson], who became frustrated with the usual couples counselling methods, which simply tried to help couples communicate more effectively.  She came to see how important it is for us all to feel connected to our partners, and how we react when that connection is perceived to be threatened, absent or broken.  Some of us withdraw or try to placate, whilst some of us try to get close through trying to talk.  Beneath it all, though is the desire for closeness, affection, to feel valued, prized and appreciated.  These needs and desires often get driven under ground and all our partner sees is cool distance or fiery anger.  It takes courage to take that first step to open up and share with one another.  I will offer a safe, supportive space to explore, understand and take new steps.